Moment Musical No. 3 in F Minor, D. 780 - Franz Schubert

Moment Musical No. 3 in F Minor, D. 780, is one of Franz Schubert's most famous and celebrated solo piano pieces. This piece was composed in 1823 and is part of a four piece set with the other pieces Moment Musical in C major, D.780; Moment Musical in A-flat major, D.781; and Moment Musical in C minor, D.799. Belonging to the early Romantic period and composed solely in Schubert's native German, this piece is a staple within European classical music.

History and Release

The full set of four pieces Moment Musical was finished in 1823, published a year later in Vienna by Haslinger. This series was dedicated to Schubert's friend and pianist, Karl Maria Von Barducci, as a celebration of their close friendship.

Moment Musical No. 3 in F Minor, D. 780 stands out from the rest of Schubert's prodigious output as it of encompasses a variety of texts and harmonic forms, while still alluding to the main theme. It is made in the traditional ABA form, with each section varying harmonically and distinctively.

Music Theory Analysis

The central idea of Moment Musical No. 3 in F minor, D. 780 is that of shifting tonal allegiances in search of harmonic clarity. The A section bares a strong tonic/dominant relationship in it's opening bars, but quickly transitions to a more diffuse sense of tonality. The B section sees a more insistent and memorable melody, where the composer takes the opportunity to build a more dense and sophisticated harmonic pattern with an increased use of chromaticism.

The concluding section of the piece is a brilliant example of Schubert's compositional craft and economy. While the music gradually moves to a faster tempo and technical difficulty increases, the central idea remains firmly rooted within the tonal parameters set-out in the A section.


Moment Musical No. 3 in F Minor, D. 780 is an incredibly popular piece, due to its blend of melodic sophistication, technical beauty and harmonic clarity. It has been performed by numerous renowned pianists, further testament to its popularity. The piece is also widely used in teaching the fundamentals of the piano, from beginner to virtuosic levels.

Moreover, it has inspired various modern interpretations within various music genres. Most recently, a jazz rock instrumental cover of the Moment Musical No. 3 in F Minor, D. 780 was released in Autumn 2020.

In conclusion, Moment Musical No. 3 in F Minor, D. 780 continues to captivate audiences around the world and is a favorite among solo piano pieces of its time.

Publication date: 18. 02. 2023