The Light She Brings - Joep Beving

The Light She Brings is a solo piano piece composed by Joep Beving, originally released in 2019. This piece is melancholic yet uplifting, full of emotional energy that smoothly carries the listener through its five minutes of peaceful and mesmerizing music. Structurally, The Light She Brings is constructed by chronological development of its memorable melody, accompanied by irresistibly warm and silky chords.

History and Release of the Piece

The Light She Brings was released on Joep Beving's 2019 album, Henosis. It follows the record's lead single, The Pit, which served as the introduction to this melancholic and more upbeat sound of ambient classical music. The album has been a massive hit, peaking in the Top 5 albums in multiple countries around the world.

The Light She Brings was composed as a tribute to Beving's own wife, Lucia, and it shows in its uplifting, yet devastatingly beautiful chords and melodies. The piece captures the essence of cradling a fragile soul in a comforting embrace, and this is achieved through the almost cinematic atmosphere of its strong yet gentle sound.

Simplified Analysis of the Composition

The Light She Brings is a piece of four-part ternary form, where Part A is the main "hook" of the composition—the melody that everybody recognizes right away. Part B follows as a bridge of sorts, opening room for different harmonic exploration and "unpacking" of this beautiful melody. Part C follows with a more gentle motif that builds up to the climactic peak of Part A, which appears in its full form at the end of the composition.

From the point of view of music theory, The Light She Brings is highly tonal and emphazises the harmonic possibilities of Joep Beving's piano. The whole piece revolves around the A minor key, but Beving doesn't shy away from exploring its relativemajor, C major, with its bright chords.

Why Piece is So Popular?

The main reason why The Light She Brings is so popular is its emotional power and simplicity. From the very first notes, Beving plays with the listener’s heart and mind, crafting a unique and highly cinematic experience that enthralls the listener and carries them away on the wings of his peaceful and gentle music.

The airy atmosphere of The Light She Brings makes it a perfect candidate for meditation and relaxation, as the piece washes away the worries of the world and evokes a strong sense of peace within the listener. This is one of the reasons why the piece is so emotionally powerful and so popular among people of all ages.


The Light She Brings is a piece full of emotion, nostalgia and beauty. It packs a lot of power into its relatively short length, and it manages to stick with the listener for a long time after the music ends. Joep Beving’s composition is a true gem of contemporary classical music, and it rightfully deserves its place in the hearts of many.

Publication date: 19. 02. 2023