Solitude - Joep Beving

Solitude is a solo piano piece composed by Joep Beving and released in 2015. This minimalist classical piece has become an international sensation and has appeared on numerous Netflix series and films.

History and release of the piece

The piece was written in 2015 and released on Beving's album, Solanine. The composition is described as "mesmerizing," and has received numerous awards and nominations. It has also made appearances in a variety of films, including Fantastic Beasts, The Lobster, and Call Me by Your Name.

The music video for Solitude was released in 2017, directed by Eddie Stern. The video currently has almost two million views on YouTube and was filmed in the Himalayas, offering listeners a sense of the peacefulness and beauty conveyed in the song.


The piece is in 4/4 time, and progresses slowly through just a few chords and keyboard techniques. Beving creates a sense of trance-like beauty in his music, as intervals and notes are placed carefully and projected with crystal clarity. The sonic landscape created by his music has been described as "ethereal and weightless." As it progresses, the music shifts gently, never leaving its dream-like state.

Beving's composition relies minimally on harmonic development, while it still creates a sense of structural tension and release. Unoriginal melodic motives are lengthened and distorted, holding the listener in its spell. When put together, the effect is a harmonic soundscape that captivates.


Solitude's popularity is due, in part, to its peacefulness and its ability to evoke a wide range of emotions in listeners. People around the world have used the piece in their own lives, including for meditation, or simply as an accompaniment for winding down at the end of the day. The peacefulness, gentleness, and simplicity of the music has resonated with many, and its success has been celebrated by fans from all walks of life.

The composition has been recorded and performed by numerous artists, in various genres and styles. This demonstrates the piece's ability to transcend its minimalist roots and appeal to a wide range of viewers and audiences. Beving's Solitude has become a beloved piece of music, used to bring beauty and peace to people all around the world.


Joep Beving's Solitude is an iconic and beloved solo piano piece composed in 2015. Its ethereal, minimalistic soundscape and trance-like delivery has made it an international sensation, with appearances on numerous films and TV series. While it relies minimally on harmonic development, its emotion and ability to invoke peace and tranquility has made it a beloved composition for fan worldwide.

Publication date: 19. 02. 2023