Sleeping Lotus - Joep Beving

Sleeping Lotus is a beautiful solo piano piece composed by Joep Beving. This soothing song composed with the aim of allowing listeners to reconnect and find internal peace and has quickly become one of the most popular pieces of music. It is an ambient and minimalist piano work that was released in 2016 on the artist's album titled Prehension.

History and Release

Joep Beving was born in Amsterdam and studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Most of his works have a mystic, meditative tone and strong emotion, and Sleep Lotus is no exception.

Sleep Lotus was composed in 2016 and released as part of the album Prehension. This album was meant to serve as an album to aid meditation and inspire peaceful thoughts, and Sleeping Lotus is an integral part of this mission.

Since the release of Prehension, the popularity of Sleeping Lotus has been skyrocketing. It has featured in numerous popular videos, including ads for luxury brands and video games. It has been featured at numerous festivals and concerts, such as the One World Music Festival and BBC Proms.


Sleeping Lotus is a simple but elegant piano piece. The melody is tranquil and emotive, with a unique timing that carries listeners away. It often features simple chords and harmonic progressions that are typical of Joep Beving's works, giving the piece a distinctive sound.

The structure of the piece is simple and follows a very classical layout. It starts off with the main motif and then builds in complexity and intensity as the piece progresses. The piece eventually slows down towards the end and returns to the original motif.

The main motif is played in a minor key, F minor, and is delivered in a gentle and emotive fashion. It is also quite regular, repeating itself every eight bars, allowing the melody to take center stage.

Why So Popular?

Sleeping Lotus is a beautiful piece that seems to capture the hearts of listeners everywhere. It is the perfect balance of peacefulness and beauty, creating an atmosphere that inspires introspection and contemplation.

The minimalist structure of the piece allows listeners to really focus on the sound and appreciate the beauty of the music. The simplicity of the melody makes it easier to remember and hum along, making the listener even more connected to the song.

The popularity of Sleeping Lotus has increased as it has become more and more exposed to people. Its beauty and the emotionally calming feeling it gives have inspired millions of people to listen and love it.


Sleeping Lotus is a beautiful solo piano piece composed by Joep Beving that has become incredibly popular since its release. It contains simple chords and harmonic progressions set in a minor key, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. Its minimalist structure and simple melody inspire introspection and contemplation and make it easy to remember and hum along.

Publication date: 19. 02. 2023