Reverie - Claude Debussy

Reverie - Claude Debussy

Reverie is a solo piano piece, composed by Claude Debussy in 1890. It features a range of subtle, dreamy emotions, and is often considered a symbol of the Impressionism musical movement. Originally published as the fifth movement of his Suite Bergamasque, the piece went on to become one of Debussy's best known works.

History and Release

Reverie was composed in 1890 as the fifth movement of Debussy's Suite Bergamasque. The entire suite was written during the composer's teenage years, and was later revised in 1905. It was first published by Durand in 1903, with separate publications of the fifth movement, titled "Reve" ("Dream"), as late as 1912. The piece quickly caught on, soon becoming one of Debussy's most well known works.


Reverie is written in the key of G major and lasts for around three minutes. It begins with a 16-measure introduction that serves to set the dreamy and contemplative mood of the piece, featuring the use of modality, chromaticism, and pedal tones. The following A section is based around the melody of the main theme, with subtle variations in texture and dynamics. The B section acts as a contrastive bridge, transitioning from the first main theme to the second. The second main theme is similar to the first in its modality, but features an increase in energy, with a faster rhythm, syncopation and arpeggios.


Reverie has become beloved across the globe, often featured in films, commercials and other multimedia. This is due in part to its emotive and dreamy nature, which has made it the perfect accompaniment for romantic and melancholic imagery. It has even become somewhat of an iconic piece of piano repertoire, often being featured at piano recitals and concerts. Reverie is often seen as a musical representation of Debussy himself, a musical emblem of his personal style and poetic outlook.

Reverie is one of Debussy's most famous works, and still retains its captivating beauty and charm. Its dreamy sentiment and subtle melody continue to beguile listeners around the world - a vivid representation of the genius of Claude Debussy.

Publication date: 20. 02. 2023