Kinderszenen, Op. 15 - Robert Schumann

Kinderszenen, Op. 15 is a solo piano piece composed by Robert Schumann in 1838. The title refers to a collection of thirteen individual character pieces, each depicting a different kind of childlike scene. This set of pieces has remained one of Schumann’s most beloved and frequently performed works.

History & Release

Kinderszenen, a collection of thirteen individual pieces, was composed in 1838 during Schumann's four-month stay in Endenich that year, where he had been sent after attempting to drown himself in the Rhine. Upon release, Kinderszenen was acclaimed by both public and private opionion.

The thirteen individual pieces of Kinderszenen are commonly referred to as follows:

  • Von fremden Ländern und Menschen,
  • Kuriose Geschichte,
  • Hasche-Mann,
  • Bittendes Kind,
  • Glückes genug,
  • Wichtige Begebenheit,
  • Träumerei,
  • Am Kamin,
  • Ritter vom Steckenpferd,
  • Fast zu ernst,
  • Fürchtenmachen,
  • Kinderschwermut,
  • Der Dichter spricht.

Musical Analysis

The Kinderszenen pieces are set in various major and minor keys, ranging from G-flat major to A-flat major. Schumann works ingenious harmonic progressions as well as dramatic modulations, both primarily of a tonal nature. Each piece has a unique sound, which ranges from light and joyous to thoughtful and dreamy.

The pieces take advantage of the range and tone of the piano, making the music highly entertaining for both the listener and the performer. Even though the works are musically simple and technically not difficult, their musical expressiveness and depth of emotion make them a challenge for any experienced pianist.


Kinderszenen demonstrates Schumann’s gift for lyrical melody, lyricism, and brilliant tonal colors. Its significance lies in its ability to capture the innocence and joy of childhood. The music appeals to piano performers and listeners alike, and has remained popular for more than 150 years.

Part of Kinderszenen's charm lies in the fact that the pieces are so accessible. As with much of Schumann’s music, the beauty of the music captures the essence of the emotion Schumann was expressing in the piece and creates a vivid sound world that is both touching and evocative.

In conclusion, Robert Schumann’s Kinderszenen, Op. 15 is a beloved collection of solo piano pieces that is uniquely engaging and emotive. The simplicity and beauty of the music capture the innocence and joy of childhood, and this has kept it popular for over 150 years.

Publication date: 20. 02. 2023