Kids (MGMT cover) - Maxence Cyrin

Maxence Cyrin's rendition of "Kids", originally by MGMT, transforms the electro-pop anthem into a stirring solo piano piece. This cover diverges significantly from the original's synthesizer-heavy production, showcasing Cyrin's ability to distill the essence of contemporary music through the classical sensibility of the piano. Released on his 2009 album "Novö Piano", Cyrin’s version has since captivated audiences worldwide, becoming a favorite among both classical music enthusiasts and fans of the original song.

The Origin and Release of Cyrin's "Kids"

Maxence Cyrin, a French pianist known for his intricate solo piano works, often draws inspiration from the realm of electronic and alternative music. His cover of "Kids" is part of the album "Novö Piano", where he reinterprets various modern classics through piano. Released in 2009, the album bridges the gap between contemporary pop culture and classical music, offering a fresh perspective on well-known tracks.

The choice to cover "Kids" stemmed from Cyrin's appreciation for MGMT's distinctive sound and the song's widespread popularity. By reimagining it for the piano, he sought to capture its emotive core, stripping away the electronic layers to reveal a more intimate and nuanced musical narrative.

A Musical Analysis of Cyrin’s "Kids"

Maxence Cyrin's adaptation of "Kids" is a fascinating study in the transposition of electronic music to classical piano form. The original song's harmonic structure, primarily based around a repeating chord progression, lends itself well to Cyrin's minimalist interpretation.

A key feature of Cyrin’s rendition is its utilization of arpeggios to mimic the sweeping synthesizers of the original. This technique, combined with a dynamic ebb and flow in tempo, conveys a sense of nostalgia and yearning. The original's infectious melody is preserved, but its context is utterly transformed, acquiring a reflective, almost melancholic quality.

The piece is performed in the key of A major, a deviation from the original's F major, offering a brighter and more resonant tonal quality on the piano. This choice highlights the melody's lyrical aspect, enhancing its emotional impact.

The Enduring Popularity of Cyrin's "Kids"

The popularity of Maxence Cyrin's "Kids" can largely be attributed to its universal appeal. It resonates with a wide audience by bridging the gap between genres, satisfying lovers of both classical music and modern pop. Its melancholic beauty appeals to listeners' emotions, offering a new way to experience the familiar tune.

Additionally, the piece has been featured in various media, further cementing its place in public consciousness. Its cinematic quality has made it a favorite for film and television soundtracks, appealing to an even broader audience and contributing to its enduring popularity.


Maxence Cyrin’s cover of MGMT's "Kids" stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of melody and emotion, transcending the boundaries of genre. By reimagining this modern classic through the lens of classical piano, Cyrin invites listeners into a reflective, intimate world, allowing them to experience the song in a whole new light. This piece remains a striking example of the power of musical reinterpretation and the enduring connection between tradition and innovation.

Publication date: 06. 03. 2024