I Giorni - Ludovico Einaudi

I Giorni is a solo piano piece composed by Italian avant-garde composer and pianist, Ludovico Einaudi. This contemporary classic has gained immense popularity over the past couple of decades, bringing the composer worldwide fame.

History and Release

I Giorni was initially composed in 2002 and released as part of the album Una Mattina. This solo piano album was composed by the Italian artist and received critical acclaim. I Giorni is widely considered one of the album’s most powerful pieces. This recording of the piece featured Einaudi at the piano as well as a string quartet.

This piece has since been featured in a variety of film and television, most notably in the 2014 motion film The Intouchables. This film tells the story of a wealthy quadriplegic who hires a recently released convict as his caregiver. I Giorni was featured in the trailer for the film, introducing audiences to the story line in a very moving and emotive way.

This piece has achieved even further recognition by being featured in a variety of video games such as vanguard Bandits, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Spore Hero.

Simplified Analysis of the Composition

I Giorni is composed in a classical style. Its composition consists of highly chromatic eighth-note motifs that evoke emotional undertones. The piece is composed in A Minor and transitions to its relative major in B-flat. The texture of the piece grows increasingly expansive, the introduction comprised of only two notes, to the full-band crescendo of its climax.

The piece can also be studied from a structural standpoint. It is formulated in a notably mirrored form, as the piece is presented in two near identical parts except for some slight chromatic modifications.


I Giorni is a masterclass in emotional chord progressions, combined with heartfelt lyrics that celebrate life. This combination has resulted in massive popularity among the general public, making it a contemporary classic. The elements of classical music tradition combined with modern neo-classical touches in I Giorni have resonated with a vast audience and have resulted in countless covers and refashionings of the beloved piece.

In summary, I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi is a beautiful, simplistic piece that has managed to reach a vast international audience and has gained the status of a contemporary classic. Originally composed in 2002, it continues to delight audiences with its moving melodies, heartbreaking lyrics, and emotive chord progressions.

Publication date: 25. 02. 2023