Comptine d'un autre été - Yann Tiersen

Comptine d'un autre été - Yann Tiersen

Comptine d'un autre été is a beautiful solo piano piece composed and released by the French musician Yann Tiersen in 2001. It was one of the major tracks in Tiersen’s movie-soundtrack album, “Amélie”, and gained extensive popularity both in Europe and outside, winning numerous awards and worldwide recognition.

History and release of "Comptine d'un autre été"

In 2001, Tiersen released “Amélie” to critical acclamation. The album is a compilation of the music from the motion picture of the same name. “Comptine d'un autre été” is one of the eighteen tracks that can be found in this album. It was the first track in the album and served as theme song for the movie.

With its expressive melody and gentle sound, it soon gained immense popularity, providing a calming and serene atmosphere to the movie. It was released as a single and was credited as being one of the main catalysts in the movie’s success in the box office.

Simplified analysis of "Comptine d'un autre été"

The piece is composed in A minor and is often classified as a lullaby. It consists of four distinct sections that share similar harmonic moves, particularly those that contribute to its neoclassical sound. Its melody is built mainly with conjunct motion, ascending and descending in its entirety.

It is composed in 4/4 time, making it easier to play than a song written in irregular rhythms. Each bar contains four beats, making it easier for the audience to follow and for performers to get into the groove.

Why "Comptine d'un autre été" is so popular

The composition of "Comptine d'un autre été" by Yann Tiersen perfectly encapsulates the ambiance of the movie “Amélie”. Its serene atmosphere, sweet melody, and peaceful tone express a sense of nostalgia and childhood, creating an emotional connection with the audience. It also marks a return to classical music with modern influences.

All of these reasons are why it has become so widely known and much of a fan-favorite. The piece is frequently performed at piano recitals and concerts, and many talented pianists have arranged their own covers of it.

“Comptine d'un autre été” is an amazing solo piano piece by Yann Tiersen that has had a major influence in the soundtrack of the movie “Amélie”, as well as in the career of the composer. Its sweet and melancholic melody, neoclassical sound, harmonic movements and structure all contribute to the immense popularity of this beautiful piece.

Publication date: 18. 02. 2023