Because This Must Be - Nils Frahm

Lauded as a masterpiece in contemporary classical music, .Because This Must Be is a solo piano composition by illustrious German composer, Nils Frahm. Created with profound depth and intricacy, the piece captivates through its complex simplicity, as it effortlessly beckons audiences into its intimate world of melodic storytelling.

A Dive into History

.Because This Must Be, derived from Frahm's sublime album Felt, was recorded and released in 2011. This solo piano piece is a testament to Frahm’s inimitable style, which seamlessly entwines classical music traditions with avant-garde exploration.

The piece emanates a sense of serenity and solitude, showcasing Frahm's ability in extracting raw emotion from the piano. Largely inspired by the tranquility of his Berlin flat's nighttime silence, .Because This Must Be encapsulates notes of unwavering lyrical romanticism.

Delving into Music Theory

The beauty of .Because This Must Be is encapsulated in its modulating scales and transitioning tonalities. Abstaining from the traditional major-minor regime, Frahm revels in using modal scales, beautifully amalgamating classical composition doctrine with unrestricted creativity.

Notably, the piece hinges on the tonality of A, specifically oscillating between a mix of A major, A minor, and A Mixolydian modes. This careful blend provides a harmonic ambivalence, showcasing the composer's unconventional musical prowess.

Unpacking its Popularity

Spatially aware, minimalist yet emotionally stirring, .Because This Must Be is favored by music enthusiasts worldwide. Its allure lies in Frahm's ability to convey narratives through piano keys, enveloping listeners with hypnotic melodies, emotionally charged rhythms, and masterful manipulation of silence.

The piece's popularity also stems from how Frahm conjures poignant emotional landscapes, nurturing an intimate connection with his audience. It's an expressive journey of emotion; a raw display of humanity that resonates with authenticity.

The Enduring Legacy of the Piece

As the composer himself remarked, .Because This Must Be is less about dynamism and more about serenity, about how less can indeed be more. This makes it a captivating testament to his ability to bend the rules of traditional compositions to his will. This innovative spirit is one of the reasons this piece has garnered such a robust and enduring legacy.

In .Because This Must Be, Nils Frahm invites us into his world of immaculate stillness and sublime melancholy, painted with his masterful strokes on the piano. It's a world that beguiles, captivates and ultimately leaves an indelible impact on every listener.

Publication date: 03. 12. 2023